Creative volunteering school

Creative activity amongst volunteers provides stress relief. We raise funds to sponsor coordinator and to instruct our volunteers.

Собрано 48 103 из 205 000 руб.

Phrasebook for people with ALS

People with ALS lose ability to speak. We intend to publish special alphabets and phrasebooks that can help people to maintain contact with outer world.

Собрано 251 618 из 300 000 руб.

Educational video about social care

Video instructions for family members and carers. We plan to film 10 to 20 footages.

Собрано 12 900 из 500 000 руб.

Consumables and chemical agents for research

We study the optimal technique of gastrostomy.

Собрано 6 000 из 100 000 руб.

Lung ventilation seminar

Instructing doctors and nurses about specific features of lung ventilation in ALS patients. We raise funds to sponsor instructors’ services and the arrangement of seminar.

Собрано 60 000 из 60 000 руб.