President of Foundation


Victoriya Petrova

Our president is the biggest source of inspiration for the whole team. Vika was diagnosed ALS in 2013, but despite everything, Vika supports many with her strength of mind and the ability to smile even in the most difficult situations.

Board of The Foundation

The board of the foundation is the supreme governing body. It gathers at least one time a year. The board of the foundation looks at the top priority questions: main course of action, workplan, principles of raising and usage of funds, approves for key assignments and other serious matters.

Board’s area of focus:

  • Changes and amendments to organizational documents.
  • Approval of pivotal areas of work and foundation’s development.
  • Approval of executive director of the foundation, control and auditing board, audition company, and formation of guardianship board and inviting foundation’s experts..
  • Approval of annual budget of the foundation and approval of the plan of events, annual report, accounting balance-sheet and charity programs of the foundation.
  • Decision making about how, when and/or why to reorganize the foundation, run revision check, open branch offices, commercial and non-commercial organizations.
  • Decision making about organizing major projects and fundraising in the interests of goals, declared in regulations.
  • Decision making about means and conditions of foundation’s participation in major economic and political deals.
  • Lugovaya Natalia_2018

    Natalia Lugovaya

  • Belozerova_Evgeniya_

    Evgeniya Belozerova

  • Shestimerov Pavel

    Pavel Shestimerov

  • Vasily Shtabnitsky

Foundation staff

  • Lugovaya Natalia_2018

    Natalia Lugovaya

  • Lev Brylev

  • Belozerova_Evgeniya_

    Evgeniya Belozerova

  • foto-zhivi-sejchas-Anna-Ovsiannikova

    Anna Ovsyanikova

  • Dasha Markova

    Dariya Markova

  • Kozhereva Violetta

    Violeta Kozhereva

  • Antipina Irina

    Irina Antipina

  • Natalia Semina

  • Demeshonok Vera

    Vera Demeshonok

  • Larin Egor

    Egor Larin

  • Georg Dzjikia

    George Dzhikia

  • Abramson_Lubov

    Lyubov Abramson

  • Borisenko Larisa

    Larisa Borisenko

  • Mikhail Karpizenkov

    Mikhail Karpizenkov

  • Prokofiev Andrey

    Andrey Prokofiev

  • Vika Prokopenko

    Victoria Prokopenko

  • Olga Fefelova

    Olga Fefelova

  • Ivan Balashov

    Ivan Balashov

  • foto-zhivi-sejchas-Ksenuya-Nazarova

    Kseniya Nazarova

  • Ataulina Anastasia

    Anastasiya Ataulina

  • Ilinitskaya Natalia

    Nataliya Ilinitskaya

  • Ivanova Maria

    Maria Ivanova