Board of The Foundation

The board of the foundation is the supreme governing body. It gathers at least four times a year. The board of the foundation looks at the top priority questions: main course of action, workplan, principles of raising and usage of funds, approves for key assignments and other serious matters.

Board’s area of focus:

  • Changes and amendments to organizational documents.
  • Approval of pivotal areas of work and foundation’s development.
  • Approval of executive director of the foundation, control and auditing board, audition company, and formation of guardianship board and inviting foundation’s experts..
  • Approval of annual budget of the foundation and approval of the plan of events, annual report, accounting balance-sheet and charity programs of the foundation.
  • Decision making about how, when and/or why to reorganize the foundation, run revision check, open branch offices, commercial and non-commercial organizations.
  • Decision making about organizing major projects and fundraising in the interests of goals, declared in regulations.
  • Decision making about means and conditions of foundation’s participation in major economic and political deals.
  • Natalia Lugovaya

  • Evgeniya Belozerova

  • Maria Ilchenko

  • Anna Kasyanova

  • Vasily Shtabnitsky