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Our news and activities

IV Patients’ Conference on ALS: Our goal is to include assistance to people with ALS in the Russian health care system

The Live now Foundation held the Fourth Patients' Conference on ALS, where a new research on the use of the drug "Masitinib" and decoding the ... Read more

People with ALS living in St. Petersburg will be able to receive breathing apparatus at the expense of the city budget

On February 28, the round table dedicated to the international day of rare diseases was held in GAOORDI. The problems of providing medicines and rehabilitation ... Read more

Experts of the Live Now Foundation spoke at the international conference on music therapy

On February 3, Medical Director of our Foundation Lev Brylev and music therapy expert Alice Apreleva presented their experience in implementing music therapy in a ... Read more

The Foundation’s experts spoke at the Federal medical and biological Agency

The Foundation's experts and the staff of the ALS Care Service spoke at the Federal medical and biological Agency about seven years of experience in ... Read more

Lev Brylev held a report in the conference on palliative care

Lev Brylev, medical Director of the Foundation, spoke at the Third annual conference with international participation "Development of palliative care for adults and children". ... Read more

The teleconference with Merith Cudkowicz, one of the world’s leading experts on ALS

Video broadcast was organized during the VI International scientific and practical conference "Doctors of the world to patients". ... Read more

Vasiliy Shtabnitsky spoke about his experience of working with ALS Service

22 сентября эксперт фонда «Живи сейчас» врач-пульмонолог Василий Штабницкий выступил на конференции, приуроченной к 60-летию ГКБ им. Д.Д.Плетнева. Доклад был посвящен организации амбулаторной службы помощи ... Read more

ALS Service in St. Petersburg promots ALV in home environment

Dmitry Buzanov, ALS Service respiratory support doctor in St. Petersburg made a report during National conference with international participants “Seventh symposium of Belomorsk”, which took ... Read more

Thousands of people find out about living with ALS in June

More than 50 publications in media, 15 events with 500 guests in total, more than 4500 views of our videos and more than 1000 likes ... Read more

Live Now Foundation has arranged discussion about human right to withhold resuscitative services

On 21st of July, support day for people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), we had a special preview of the motion picture “I am breathing”, ... Read more

The experts of Live Now Foundation have joined the “Neurorehabilitation 2017” congress

Lev Brylev, Anna Sonkina and Ekaterina Dikhter gave speeches on their reports in one of the biggest events concerned regenerative processes after severe diseases… ... Read more

Live Now Foundation is raising an issue about support of patients’ children

On 1st of July a round table “Children close to pain. Why don’t we see them?” in TASS news agency took place, which was organized ... Read more

The experts of Live Now Foundation made a report on Resuscitation conference

Yaroslava Krasnaya, respiratory support specialist of ALS Assistance Service in Moscow and Vasyli Shtablitsky, M.D, pulmonologist, the expert of Live Now Foundation, participated in… ... Read more

ALS Service director in St. Petersburg shared her experience with colleagues from Latvia

Vera Demenoshok, director of ALS Assistance Service in St. Petersburg, has delivered a report within “Motoneuron disease — to patients and medical specialists” conference, which ... Read more

In June — turn all your attention to people with ALS

Cornflower-blue picnic, round table committed to problems of patients’ children, discussion about difficult choices in the end of life, walking tour to 56-th floor of ... Read more