Corporate details

Full name: Charity Fund for Helping People with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Other Neuromuscular Diseases “Live now”

Short name: Charity Fund “Live now”

Business and postal address: Khersonskaya Str. 41-10, Moscow, 117246, Russia

Location address: Office 117, Nizhegorodskaya Str., 32 bld. 4, Moscow, 109029, Russia

Telephone: +7 495 968 5626

E-mail: info@alsfund.ru

Taxpayer Identification Number: (INN) 7719417621

Tax Registration Reason Code: (KPP) 772801001

National Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations: (OKPO) 46504473

Primary State Registration Number: (OGRN) 1157700009994

All-Russian Classifier of Political Subdivisions: (OKATO) 45293590000

Settlement account: 40703810201500002648

Bank: Tochka Bank

BIC: 044525104

Correspondent account: 30101810745374525104

Director General: Natalia Lugovaya