We are constantly running fundraisers to sponsor our foundation projects, including different types of support for people with ALS. We sponsor ALS Centre’s activities and already more than 730 people are getting help. We are purchasing AV ventilators and are supporting people with them without any charge. We produce and purchase different types of communication aids and other types of special home equipment. You can join us any time!

Help them live to their last breath!

Experts say that there are 10—15 thousand people with ALS in Russia. Often, they die without even knowing their diagnosis since this disease is very rare and many doctors can’t recognize it. In ALS medical and social service of Live Now Foundation people with ALS can get all the information about their disease and receive a personal consult with specialists. Within two weeks, the ALS service aid at least 70 families, who face ALS. These two weeks of work cost 1 200 000 rubles.

Collected 361 906 of 1 200 000 руб.

Substitute carers for people with ALS

Caring a patient with ALS is a hard work. Relatives really need to have the opportunity for a break. Here we fudraise to pay two substitute carers during one year. Each of them will help 5 families.

Collected 792 162 of 1 400 000 руб.

Carers for solitary and unprivileged patients

In Russia, carer services are not state funded and are not covered by insurance. Usually family hires a paid specialist. But in some cases, it’s a lonely person or it’s a poor family. We fund services of 10 carers every month for such patients. Each donation is very helpful.


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