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Cornflower Picknick: a festival of joy of living here and now

Cornflower Picknick: a festival of joy of living here and now

Live Now Foundation is about to start the first ever charity festival in Russia in support of people with ALS this June. This endeavor requires ... Read more

Help them live to their last breath!

Experts say that there are 10—15 thousand people with ALS in Russia. Often, they die without even knowing their diagnosis since this disease is very ... Read more

Not to lose the ability to speak

The ability to speak and to be understood, to eat like everybody else, and most importantly, to avoid those crushing symptoms of respiratory failure – ... Read more

Maintenance service of medical ventilators

We equip ALS patients with medical ventilators. In order for this equipment to function properly we need to provide maintenance. ... Read more

The Live Now Foundation is on the verge of closing!

Since the Live Now Foundation was created, most of needs were sponsored by one major donor. Now he can’t support us. If we are unable ... Read more

Substitute carers for people with ALS

Caring a patient with ALS is a hard work. Relatives really need to have the opportunity for a break. Here we fudraise to pay two ... Read more

Urgent purchase of the ventilators

We fundraise money to buy lung ventilators for two patients with ALS who are in intensive care in Perm and Evpatoria. With the ventilators they ... Read more

Creative volunteering school

Creative activity amongst volunteers provides stress relief. We raise funds to sponsor coordinator and to instruct our volunteers. ... Read more

Educational video about social care

Video instructions for family members and carers. We plan to film 10 to 20 footages. ... Read more

Consumables and chemical agents for research

We study the optimal technique of gastrostomy. ... Read more

To support Live Now Foundation

Your donation makes our programs more sustainable, and our help and support to people with ALS — timely and effective. ... Read more

Lung ventilation seminar

Instructing doctors and nurses about specific features of lung ventilation in ALS patients. We raise funds to sponsor instructors’ services and the arrangement of seminar. ... Read more

Phrasebook for people with ALS

People with ALS lose ability to speak. We intend to publish special alphabets and phrasebooks that can help people to maintain contact with outer world. ... Read more