Happy 9th anniversary to Live Now Charitable Foundation!

All these years you were there: you supported us financially, were active on social networks, came as volunteers to our events, told your friends and acquaintances about us.

For 9 years we have been working to change the lives of people with ALS for the better. That means they can receive the best possible help. We also go above and beyond for families and caregivers.

The first service in Russia to help people with ALS appeared back in 2012 at the Miloserdie medical center of the Marfo-Mariinsky Convent. In 2015, this team held the Russian ALS conference in Moscow for the first time. At the meeting, the community of sick people and caregivers decided to create a foundation that would defend their interests in the country.

The debate about the name continued until the last moment. And when “Live Now” was created, it resonated with all founders. “Live now” has become not just a name, but the motto of the foundation. “Live now” is addressed not only to the sick, but also to their loved ones, to those who have lost a loved one, and to those who support our foundation. This is a call to appreciate every moment of life and a call to fill every day you live with meaning.

This continues to the present day: we provide systematic support to people with ALS and their families with medical, social and psychological consultations, equipment, and educational materials. The Foundation also works with health authorities in Russian regions, helping patients obtain necessary medical products, primarily for respiratory support at home.

For nine years we have been trying to abide by this motto. In five years, the fund has grown to federal significance. We have achieved a lot in nine years and see how much work still lies ahead.

Thank you, our dear friends, for your support and active participation in the life of the Foundation! Your response to our work is important to us. The stories you share with us are also important. Thank you for your trust! We are glad that we can share with you our holiday and corporative victories, big and small.


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