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Our news and activities

Cornflower-blue picnic is picking up pace

On 25th of June in “Kransaya presnya” park a traditional Cornflower-blue picnic took place, which is arranged annually by Family council of the Live Now ... Read more

Live Now Foundation has arranged discussion about human right to withhold resuscitative services

On 21st of July, support day for people with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), we had a special preview of the motion picture “I am breathing”, ... Read more

ALS Service in Moscow and Family Council have arranged a memorial evening

On 21st of July archpriest of Marpho-Marrinskaya shrine Valery Baranov has served a lite and bishop Panteleymon, confessor of ALS Assistance Service working with patients ... Read more

ALS Service has organized a fundraising stroll in the center of Moscow

On 16th of July ASL Assistance service in Moscow and Irina Chichkina have arranged a special walking tour through Strastnoy boulevard and “Ermitage” gardens… ... Read more

Live Now Foundation has organized a “naughtiness party” for kids

On 4th of July in a cozy cafe “MART” took place a funny kids party, whose family members have ALS. Our little guests were welcomed ... Read more

The experts of Live Now Foundation have joined the “Neurorehabilitation 2017” congress

Lev Brylev, Anna Sonkina and Ekaterina Dikhter gave speeches on their reports in one of the biggest events concerned regenerative processes after severe diseases… ... Read more

Fair in Teva: from Children’s day to ALS Support month

On 2nd of July in Moscow office of the Teva company housed a fundraising fair, organized by Family council of Live Now Foundation, within ALS ... Read more

Live Now Foundation is raising an issue about support of patients’ children

On 1st of July a round table “Children close to pain. Why don’t we see them?” in TASS news agency took place, which was organized ... Read more

How people with ALS took a walk in Peredelkino

Tea party in the country house of Pasternak, Tchaikovsky’s conundrum solving, life stories from greatest writers, blossoming lilac and heart-to-heart talks — all that took ... Read more

Lev Brylev has brought news about ALS treatment from ENCALS

Medical director of the Live Now Foundation Lev Brylev has joined the annual European ALS treating net ENCALS conference, where scientists talked about Edaravone studies ... Read more

The experts of Live Now Foundation made a report on Resuscitation conference

Yaroslava Krasnaya, respiratory support specialist of ALS Assistance Service in Moscow and Vasyli Shtablitsky, M.D, pulmonologist, the expert of Live Now Foundation, participated in… ... Read more

People with ALS will get help in Minsk

Live Now Foundation and ALS Service in Moscow have instructed our colleagues from Belarus. Soon, polyclinical and ambulatory admissions for people with ALS and schools… ... Read more

Creative volunteers will help people with ALS

Live Now Foundation has arranged a School of creative volunteers “Kindness express” meeting, where people found out how you can help sick people through music, ... Read more

ALS Service director in St. Petersburg shared her experience with colleagues from Latvia

Vera Demenoshok, director of ALS Assistance Service in St. Petersburg, has delivered a report within “Motoneuron disease — to patients and medical specialists” conference, which ... Read more

New unusual lots have appeared in fundraising section on Planeta.ru

Handmade ceramic beads and designer photographs not only make their new owner happy, but also help raise funds to purchase consumable items ... ... Read more