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Our news and activities

The Conference: how can people with ALS change a healthcare system

Third annual national ALS patients conference took place in Moscow. More than 230 patients from different regions participated in it… ... Read more

Alice Apreleva gave a fundraising concert for people with ALS

On the 19th of February Alice Apreleva, musician, singer, founder of МузТеравпевт.ру project (Boston, USA), gave a concert. Raised funds will be donated to print ... Read more

Live Now Foundation managed to achieve the installation of lift for Victoria Petrova

It took 1,5 years, dozens of letters and requests, several news reports and media stories and personal acquaintance with local prefect to do away with ... Read more

We launched beta version of als-info.ru website

Live Now Foundation is working upon informational portal als-info.ru, which will unite all the most important and immediate materials about ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) in… ... Read more

Volunteers arranged the Old Style New Year celebration

On 14th of January people with ALS, their family, friends, Family council and volunteers of Live Now Foundation and ALS Service staff… ... Read more

Father Frost congratulated families of patients with ALS

New Year is the time of magic and presents. But when there is someone with ALS in the family, both adult family members and children ... Read more