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ALS Care Servise staff attended six training courses and seminars

In February doctors, nurses, coordinators and other professionals of ALS Care Services in Moscow and St. Petersburg acquired new knowledge on nursing care, respiratory support, ... Read more

Experts of the Live Now Foundation spoke at the international conference on music therapy

On February 3, Medical Director of our Foundation Lev Brylev and music therapy expert Alice Apreleva presented their experience in implementing music therapy in a ... Read more

The Foundation’s experts spoke at the Federal medical and biological Agency

The Foundation's experts and the staff of the ALS Care Service spoke at the Federal medical and biological Agency about seven years of experience in ... Read more

The staff of ALS Care Service in Moscow met with Frederica de Graaf

The staff of ALS Care Service in Moscow met with Frederica de Graaf, a famous volunteer of the First hospice in Moscow, the spiritual daughter ... Read more

An international study of musical therapy in ALS treatment starts

Ms. Alisa Apreleva — a certified neurologic music therapist (USA), an expert of Live Now Charity Foundation — in collaboration with the specialists from Music ... Read more

ALS Service in Moscow hosted a training session on communication with patients and their families

Анна Сонькина, паллиативный врач, эксперт фонда «Живи сейчас», научила команду Службы БАС, как сделать медицинские консультации еще более эффективными. ... Read more

ALS Service staff have attended training against emotional burnout

ASL Assistance Service in Moscow has just finished a cycle of psychological training to help employees to avoid emotional burnout and improve the quality of ... Read more

People with ALS will get help in Minsk

Live Now Foundation and ALS Service in Moscow have instructed our colleagues from Belarus. Soon, polyclinical and ambulatory admissions for people with ALS and schools… ... Read more

International specialists have instructed our staff in ALS Services

From 10 to 22 of February specialists from two visiting ALS Services were attending course of lectures “Palliative care in neurology”, which was arranged by ... Read more

The Conference: how can people with ALS change a healthcare system

Third annual national ALS patients conference took place in Moscow. More than 230 patients from different regions participated in it… ... Read more

We launched beta version of website

Live Now Foundation is working upon informational portal, which will unite all the most important and immediate materials about ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) in… ... Read more