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Our news and activities

The project of spiritual and emotional support of people with ALS won the grant “The Orthodox initiative”

The project "Appreciate every moment", created by GAOORDI and the ALS Care Service in St. Petersburg, will allow to organize visits of Orthodox priests, prayers ... Read more

The Live Now Foundation bought medical meal for ALS patients thanks to Dushevny Bazar vositors’ donations

On 10th December the biggest Russian charity market took place in Gostiny Dvor in Moscow. The Live Now Foundation collected 65730 rubles. And now we ... Read more

The Family Council and volunteers of our Foundation took part in 9 charity fairs

Employees of RusGydro, OTP Bank, PAO Kvadra, BC Evraz, Rosbank, Mediascope and Teva gave 260 000 rubles in total to support people with ALS. ... Read more

The Live Now Foundation took part in Dushevny Bazar market

On 10th December the biggest Russian charity market took place in Gostiny Dvor in Moscow. More than 15000 people visited the event. The Live Now ... Read more

We received a Presidential grant in the amount of 6.36 million rubles

The Presidential grant in the amount of 6.36 million rubles is aimed for the development of the project "Patronage service for people with ALS". The ... Read more

We received two awards from the Donor Forum.

Our annual report for 2016 was awarded the diploma " Silver standard " and became the winner in the category "Debut". ... Read more

Yaroslava Krasnaya ran 10 km in support of people with ALS

On September, 24th, the respiratory specialist of ALS Service on Moscow had participated in Moscow marathon to raise funds to help us organize a respite ... Read more

Live Now Charity Foundation has joined the “Kind Moscow” festival

During celebrating 870-years of Moscow on 9th and 10th of September a charity festival “Kind Moscow” was arranged in Tsvetnoy avenue. ... Read more

Charity instead of birthday presents

The last weekend in Moscow was marked by a special event. Vera Mironenko, a friend and volunteer of Live Now Foundation has invited everyone interested ... Read more

Souvenirs hand-made by members of the Council of families can be purchased in “Schuka” mall

On 7th of June on the 3rd floor of city mall “Schuka” took place a special fundraising fair. All invited could meet the staff and ... Read more

The Live Now Foundation’s Day in Lavka radostey

On 28th of June Live Now Foundation has participated in special “Foundation day” in fundraising shop Lavka radostey in Tsvetnoy boulevard. All funds, 24 ... Read more

Fair in Teva: from Children’s day to ALS Support month

On 2nd of July in Moscow office of the Teva company housed a fundraising fair, organized by Family council of Live Now Foundation, within ALS ... Read more

New unusual lots have appeared in fundraising section on

Handmade ceramic beads and designer photographs not only make their new owner happy, but also help raise funds to purchase consumable items ... ... Read more

In June — turn all your attention to people with ALS

Cornflower-blue picnic, round table committed to problems of patients’ children, discussion about difficult choices in the end of life, walking tour to 56-th floor of ... Read more

Mediascope has supported people with ALS

On 20th of April a Family council within Live Now Foundation held a fundraising fair and a presentation in an office of Mediascope (previously media ... Read more