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Our news and activities

IV Patients’ Conference on ALS: Our goal is to include assistance to people with ALS in the Russian health care system

The Live now Foundation held the Fourth Patients' Conference on ALS, where a new research on the use of the drug "Masitinib" and decoding the ... Read more

Experts of the Live Now Foundation spoke at the international conference on music therapy

On February 3, Medical Director of our Foundation Lev Brylev and music therapy expert Alice Apreleva presented their experience in implementing music therapy in a ... Read more

The Live Now Foundation joined ProjectMine research

Our Foundation together with Moscow City Clinical Hospital after V.M. Buyanov and Central clinical hospital of St. Alexis Metropolitan of Moscow joined ProjectMine — one ... Read more

The staff of ALS Care Service in Moscow met with Frederica de Graaf

The staff of ALS Care Service in Moscow met with Frederica de Graaf, a famous volunteer of the First hospice in Moscow, the spiritual daughter ... Read more

The teleconference with Merith Cudkowicz, one of the world’s leading experts on ALS

Video broadcast was organized during the VI International scientific and practical conference "Doctors of the world to patients". ... Read more

An international study of musical therapy in ALS treatment starts

Ms. Alisa Apreleva — a certified neurologic music therapist (USA), an expert of Live Now Charity Foundation — in collaboration with the specialists from Music ... Read more

Lev Brylev has brought news about ALS treatment from ENCALS

Medical director of the Live Now Foundation Lev Brylev has joined the annual European ALS treating net ENCALS conference, where scientists talked about Edaravone studies ... Read more

Creative volunteers will help people with ALS

Live Now Foundation has arranged a School of creative volunteers “Kindness express” meeting, where people found out how you can help sick people through music, ... Read more

ALS Service director in St. Petersburg shared her experience with colleagues from Latvia

Vera Demenoshok, director of ALS Assistance Service in St. Petersburg, has delivered a report within “Motoneuron disease — to patients and medical specialists” conference, which ... Read more

Lev Brylev talked about multidiscipline care to people with ALS

6-7 of April an international conference “Neural system disorders: mechanisms, diagnostic and treatment”, one of the most important forums of 2017, took place in Moscow… ... Read more

Lev Brylev has made a report to WHO delegation

On 29th of march an extended WHO delegation has visited Central clinical hospital of St. Alexis, which incorporates Moscow ALS Assitance Service and… ... Read more

International specialists have instructed our staff in ALS Services

From 10 to 22 of February specialists from two visiting ALS Services were attending course of lectures “Palliative care in neurology”, which was arranged by ... Read more

The Conference: how can people with ALS change a healthcare system

Third annual national ALS patients conference took place in Moscow. More than 230 patients from different regions participated in it… ... Read more

Alice Apreleva gave a fundraising concert for people with ALS

On the 19th of February Alice Apreleva, musician, singer, founder of МузТеравпевт.ру project (Boston, USA), gave a concert. Raised funds will be donated to print ... Read more