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Our news and activities

Changes of Live Now charity foundation work due to COVID pandemic

From this moment Live Now charity foundation is shifting to remote working until the end of quarantine due to the COVID pandemic. ... Read more

Live Now Foundation launches psychological support groups for children having to live through serious diseases of their loved ones

It is planned to arrange two groups for the series of meetings — for children from 6 to 9 and for adolescents from 10 to ... Read more

Russian regions receive funds for lung ventilation devices to support patients at home

The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation wrote about this in answer to the letter from Live Now Charity Foundation ... Read more

Open letter of Live Now Foundation about the harm that would be caused by banning purchase of lung ventilation devices under government contracts

Live Now Foundation supporting people with ALS sent an open letter to the President, the Government of the Russian Federation and the Federal Assembly requesting ... Read more

Backup nurses help 52 families

Live Now Foundation is continuing its project “Nurse visitor care for patients with ALS” supported with President’s Grants Fund. ... Read more

The Live Now Foundation is on the verge of closing!

Our major benefactor lost an opportunity to help us becuase of some problems in business. So the Live Now Foundation, the ALS Care Services in ... Read more

The Live Now Foundation’s Day was held on June 27 in the Lavka Radostey

All the day in the charity shop funds to help people with ALS was collected. ... Read more

Kids whose closers live with ALS visited the Kidburg

It was the last event of our ALS Awarness Months and joint project with RUSAL company. ... Read more

People with ALS visited the Andrey Rublev Museum

People with ALS, their closers and our specialists attended an excursion in the Abdrey Rublev Museum and had an opportunity to enjoy ancient Russian art. ... Read more

12 people attended seminars of the Patronage Care School for relatives and cares

On 23th June another seminar of Patronage Care School was held. It is our special project for relatives of people with ALS and cares. It ... Read more

The Beauty School for cares was held in the Clarins office

June 18, relatives of people with ALS, as well as nurses and specialicts of the ALS Care Service in Moscow was taught the basics of ... Read more

Children whose relatives live with ALS got into “The Fairy Tale”

The first event of the ALS Awareness Month in Moscow was a kids' meeting which took p;ace on June 1 in the Skazka Park ("skazka"means ... Read more

People with ALS and their families had a boat trip along the Moscow canal

On June 3, 40 people with ALS, their families, volunteers and staff of the Live Now Foundation attended the boat trip. They could enjoy splendid ... Read more

The Live Now Foundation announced the beginning of the ALS Awarness Month

June is celebrated as the ALS Awarness Month in many countries around the world. During the month, special events will be held in Moscow and ... Read more

Substitute cares helped to 52 families

From January to April 2018, 52 people with ALS in Moscow and St. Petersburg and their families were able to benefit from the help of ... Read more